Further your education in the Makeup Industry. This course focuses on our students skill level and pushes them to advance in their artistry. Program offers students the fundamentals, through the advanced techniques, of each makeup discipline. Includes Special FX KIT, AIR BRUSH KIT and Uniform. You must have completed our 3 months Makeup Artistry Program (Basic) or have a makeup artist certification to enroll for an Advanced course.

This professional program takes your artistry skills to new levels, ignites your potential, builds your professional portfolio and exposes you to real-world beauty business experiences.


-Fundamentals of makeup artistry
-Professional airbrushing and different formulation
-Latest trends, techniques & technology
-Celebrity Artistry
-Editorial & Print
-Makeup for black & white photography
-Magazines, fashion, avante garde
-Bridal makeup & guide to the wedding industry
-Marketing & empowering business skills
-Life coaching & personal development
-Vintage: beauty through the decades
-Special fx techniques basics
-Face painting
-Different nude makeups and the glowy techniques
-No makeup, nude and glowy techniques on dark skin
-Transformation makeup
-Body paint
-Customizing eyelashes
-Male grooming & muscle contouring
-Current makeup trends

And, many more advance techniques.
Duration: This is a 60 day course. classes are typically held 3-4 hours a day/ 5 days a week.

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We are a creative studio focusing on culture, luxury, fashion, editorial & art. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity.We aim high to create artists with not only passion and enthusiasm but most of all superlative makeup skills & on building relationships with our clients and community.Our students, they know they are the best of the best and those hiring them know they are getting the best of the best.